Preparing for 3/14/15

3/14/15… approaches!

It’s time I dust off this old website and start bringing it back to life again! The year of the most grandiose pi day draws near! 3/14/15 will give us a pi day that displays 3.1415 in the date; something that has not happened since 1915.

Let’s not forget where we came from though! This year was jolly good. Why? Well, we had a whole pi month with March of ’14 after all! Now, I like to celebrate pi day like many: eating pi, reciting pi, flooding social media with pi references… You know, the normal pi fanatic shenanigans. I also like to try and memorize a few more digits, though I must admit that this past year’s newly “memorized” digits did not quite make it, I’m afraid…


Let me know how you plan to celebrate for the upcoming pi festivities! Together, we can plan for the best Pi Day in the history of the world! Woohoo, 3/14/15, here we come!



Pi Quest – How will it end?

As this website continues onward, I have been slowly building up my favorite feature, “Pi Quest”. Pi Quest is a simple pi game that can be compared to the Choose-Your-Own-Adventures of days past. Each page brings you closer to finding the ancient pi relic lost in the Amazon, while it also brings you deeper into the digits of pi. Does it really help pi memorization? Maybe not. How will it end? We shall see…

However, my main thought for this post about Pi Quest is this: Do you want to see more stories like it on my website?

I’ve been kicking around the idea of making another mathematics-related story game. However, the choice branches will not simply end each time you choose incorrectly. Actually, I would strive to make many favorable story ends, and thus, more complicated branch structures. Other ideas that have been brought up include developing a java application for Pi Quest to eliminate the constant uploading of page content each time. Also, it opens up the crazy world of ANIMATION?!


This obviously will take a bunch of time compared to Pi Quest, and I’d rather not start something new until I’ve finished the first. Just let me know if this is of any interest to anyone out there! I’d love to give this a try at some point; that’s for sure!

Pi Period.

The legal world likes to muddy things that used to be so beautifully simple. However, one person chooses to stir the pot of legality in hopes of wealth, and bad stuff can potentially happen. I mean REALLY horrible things.

pi period

Pi, Period.

A pi symbol with a period is now trademarked. At least, that’s how it started. Evidently it would seem the trademark could stretch to simply the pi symbol itself. Some “artist” out there is in court fighting for the rights to own pi. He even had his lawyer send a “cease and desist” letter to to take down their pi shirts and caps until further notice, of which they complied rather than endure court costs. Since he trademarked the “pi period” symbol back in January, the guy also had the nerve to ask for compensation for all merchandise they sold since then. This case, my friends, is an actual thing. Putting the pi symbol on any merchandise may require paying royalties to this one man.


Yeah, I just “what-ed” my own blog.

Anyway, you did read that correctly. It’s pretty ridiculous.

I’d rather not get into the specifics of this guy’s name or his various pieces of art, as that’s just free advertising for him. This whole court case is just an obvious (but maniacally clever) attempt at getting his name and art out there to the masses. I’ll keep you posted as to what the results are for this court case hopefully soon!

The results are in:

The case was a failure, thankfully. His ownership of the symbol “pi period” is limited to using that symbol combination by itself. Therefore, we can rejoice in writing on shirts, “You know, I do like to indulge in (pi).” or any other sentence that ends with pi period.


How many digits do I need?

Pi is an astounding number! Though its digits run unceasingly, the amount of digits necessary to get pretty accurate for most things is surprisingly tiny. This post is mostly from an engineering, practical perspective. I am not saying that knowing a bunch of digits of pi isn’t awesome. Okay, I’m glad to make that clear!

The known universe is vast, seemingly infinite in size. However, to find the circumference of our known universe, you only need 39 digits? That’s enough to get it within a proton’s width of accuracy! To convert frequencies from “Hertz” into angular frequency, one would need only 16 digits of pi for very fine precision. Despite these paltry amounts of digits necessary for some of our heaviest computations, we as a human race have calculated pi to ten trillion digits!

With only needing the first 40 digits of pi to measure almost everything in our universe, how is it that mathematicians have been able to accurately find trillions of digits? I am not a clever mathematician, but evidently this book goes into the necessary algorithms in lengthy yet clear detail: Pi – Unleashed


Pi Stuff – Welcome!


I bet you’re here looking for pi stuff!

That is the name of the website after all. I have created this site for the pi stuff lover in mind. It’s hard to find the perfect pi merchandise out there. You know it, and I know it. There’s so much… redundancy. Oh, the pi symbol on a mug? Old hat. A plain pi symbol on a shirt? I dunno, a little drab, don’t you think?

There’s just too much out there that doesn’t speak to the soul! Pi refuses to be trapped in normal confining principles! It’s irrational, remember?!

What you’ll find here at Buy Pi Stuff:

You’ll find the most unique and best pi inspired gifts and other pi stuff within the bounds of our web “realm”! We’ll direct you to pi jewelry, accessories, kitchenware, and other pi oddities. We even have a few pi-inspired sports equipment! We only list the good pi stuff, of course.

This site is the brainchild of a big pi fan. I’ve found it is quite hard to find pi stuff that isn’t just plain looking. You find yourself going through page after page of the same products essentially. That is not the focus here. I am only going to list a few finds per category, and only my favorites at that. You will find “Pi Stuff!” as a drop-down menu at the top. There you will find some hand-selected picks of mine from the vast recesses of the interwebs, begging to be bought!

 Also, if you find that you just don’t know as much digits of pi as you think you ought to, I have  some great pi tools for your use, of course completely free! First, we have a pi memorization sheet, set up for easy pi memorization (up to one hundred digits)! Pi Quest, also located in

the menu at the top of the screen, is a choose-your-own adventure, where you progress along in the story by choosing the correct number that coordinates with the next digit of pi! Each page, thankfully, shows the pi digits up to the one you are currently choosing. That lets you focus more on the story and less on trying to remember where you left off!

Anyway, it’s time for you to explore on your own! Get ready to find some beautiful, untamed, and unique pi stuff.